Giving your Child a better future doesn’t have to destroy yours

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7:05PM   Littleton, CO

Public Service Credit Union Building, 5944 S Kipling Pkway – (Corner Kipling and Bowles) Littleton 80127


  • Very cool - a great resource

    Andy Tucker Director of Student Services (Boulder Valley School District, CO)

You want to give their child a better future—but no one told you it would cost $96,000 to $191,000 to make that dream happen (national average for 4-yr state schools & private institutions*). Unfortunately for most, it gets worse before it gets better. What if it takes longer than 4 years (and most students do*) or you have more than one child?
If you are anything like the middle- and upper-income families we meet with every day, you feel overwhelmed at the looming costs ahead, sticker-shocked at how college costs have soared over the last 20-30 years and are thinking “How can anyone possibly do this?”

You are about to walk, for the first time, through a potential financial minefield. How you navigate this will make a lasting impact, not only in your life and the money you work so hard to save, but the future of your child (and grandchildren). Essentially this could make or break your personal family legacy in more ways than one, all in one fell swoop. Oh, and it’s all usually happening less than 15 years before retirement! If there were ever a time to consider some outside help and guidance from experts this would be it…

So what can you do?
1. First you need a specific plan—how your family can pay for college smartest, most tax-advantaged ways.
2. Second you need to learn how your family can pay less for college by maximizing your chance for financial aid (hint it’s easier to qualify than you think if you know the rules).
3. Get educated about how the college funding game works. What are the rules, which schools have more money to give out for your child, how to make your child more desirable to the colleges, and what are your options?
You will get all this and more from FREE membership at Smart Track™ and complimentary 15 minute assessment with your local Smart TrackTM College Funding Specialist.

Fill out the Web form ABOVE and start your path to paying less for college.

*Source College Board