Benchmark Your Progress

shutterstock_352053128 stop guessing start knowingBench-marking, then designing your own progress keeps you in the loop.

The PFP program gives you an easy and fun way to do just that.

It’s important to see the underpinnings of how your plan is designed.  It’s also important to make decisions about what’s important and where to go next.

Otherwise you may be following advice of others and then wonder if the advice actually applies to you!

Groups - Adults and Business People

It’s no fun being in the dark.

It’s also no fun when you have to drive to someone’s office or hold a conference call just to find out how you’re doing and what you’re doing next.

It’s important to have tools within reach anytime you need them. It’s important to be taught how to easily develop reports so you know what’s going on.  Coordinating your financial information in one convenient place simplifies seeing your next move. Accessing your personal data day or night makes you sure-footed. Have what you want:  all or any part of your financial picture, in the blink of an eye.

PFP members use an easy to use, powerful analytical program to enhance Personal Financial Power in a unique and fun way. And when you think nobody else could have the same challenges with finances you have, it shows you how you’re doing and how you compare to people just like you across America.

Find out how you are doing in the privacy of your own home. No judgement, no embarrassment and no additional cost to you.

Power Move 2 is only for your investment accounts, Power Move 4 is where you can choose to use another tool for all the rest of your financial world!

Some people find it fun!

You get real answers, you get advice and once you know where you are, you are encouraged to continually increase your score while automatically keeping track of the progress you are making toward your financial goals.

We look forward to showing you this financial program as a Personal Financial Power subscriber and the additional content you receive inside this program’s site – content specifically for the people in the PFP community!

Imagine getting total financial clarity wrapped up in a single score. The ultimate score is 1,000 and financial independence. See where you are, get free advice on what to do next, and make your goals a reality. It’s fast, free, and even a little fun.

This program factors in your assets, debt, investments, income, and every other aspect of your financial health. Knowing where you are is the first step to getting where you want to be. If needed, you’ll receive free advice on how to boost your score based on the experience of the industry’s best financial planners.

How does it work?

Wealth Strong® Life Solutions (WSLS) includes your ability to use this program because it’s a great way to help you track progress towards your financial goals. It operates outside of the PFP Membership site, but fits our philosophy perfectly and is included in your monthly membership fee.

It’s simple to get started and to keep your score updated:

  1. When you reach Power Move 4 in the PFP Quick Start process, you’re provided a survey where you choose your next step. If you choose, you receive a link so you can immediately sign up for this additional PFP tracking tool through your membership site.  You can use the step by step tutorial to get started.
  2. Once you sign in, please change your password to match your PFP password to simplify your logins.
  3. The first time you sign in, spend 30-45 minutes and complete as much as possible.  As you answer questions and add information you can watch your score rise.  Your score is unique and provides you a benchmark to measure your continued growth.
  4. The program also guides you to understand choices that might add to your score. Use the free expert analysis to understand how your financial future is affected by the decisions you make.
  5. As you take steps to increase your score, your financial standing is improved while you develop more and more confidence.  It helps you get ready for the future you’ve always wanted.

Is it Secure? You Bet!

Best of all, no one will know your data but you. This program is fully equipped with 256-bit SSL encryption, the same level of security your bank or broker uses. It stores your data without access to the real accounts — so it can’t be used to move your money. No one can trade, withdraw, or transfer funds from this program. Not even you!

How about additional help by real people?  The WSLS PFP team is alerted to help you when key pieces of data triggers cues in our system.  WSLS PFP team members are required to sign confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure contracts. Anyone working with you on a one-on-one basis is also required to work in a fiduciary capacity.

Access to your data is provided in one central place, from within the Personal Financial Power membership website. It’s secure because members are required to go through a secure portal for the membership site and then another login at each of the data sites.

With all this, the PFP program helps you keep an eye on your investment data and all the rest – your checking accounts, debts, your expenses and more. It is great to have this program at your fingertips and working for you without annoying advertisements bugging you to buy something.

The goal is to have a quick easy way to simplify your financial life –having all information regarding your daily life under one program that is easily accessible, helping you feel confident in your financial tasks.