Easy Financial Organization

Central tracking for your financial wealth

Leveraging a simple online program saves you time and keeps you on top of your investments.

Easy Financial Organization

Why you’ll love it

Track Everything

All your accounts in one secure location. Watch how they work together.


Better Decisions

Collaborate easily with family and advisors. Simplify account control.


Total Transparency

Complete transparency in every account and investment.


What was once nearly unmanageable is now becoming a blessing…

We have come a long way since 1995’s Internet, when commercial restrictions were lifted and companies started sharing information electronically. This was a blessing and, in some ways, a sort of curse. This anytime access is great, but every company’s website is built differently. Using them means a ton of accounts, usernames and constantly changing passwords.

We studied the new “aggregation” accounts to see how they could help our clients. These accounts combine all your investment account information on one website. Every account is automatically, constantly updated and then displayed in a uniform format, including performance. No waiting for office hours or monthly statements to see what’s happened – it’s always there in your website.

It’s powerful to not be bothered by sales pitches, so this program has a simplified display that does not include advertising to buy additional financial products. This program costs us a monthly fee for each person who uses it and we have an agreement with Wealth Net Advisors in sharing it.  As a client of our your aggregation tool is provided if you decided to use either the Wealth Net Advisor program or if you participate in financial coaching on a regular basis.  Talk with us if you find this will be of great value to you.

As mentioned above, one part of using this aggregation tool is how it has the ability to integrate with the low cost or flat fee management program provided by Wealth Net Advisors. We has a special arrangement with this award winning management firm to provide you with the experience of using this type of program without charge for one month. If you like the automatic aspect of using a low-cost or flat fee management program, you can easily expand your use of it using Wealth Net Advisors or other low cost services.  With it you could stop worrying about making the trades at the right time in the right proportion for your chosen account.