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     lower your

     out-of-pocket costs

     and maximize grants

Parents, is your child heading to college — sooner or later?

What you know or don’t know about the cost of college and strategies to qualify for grants and scholarships can make a big difference in your family financial picture.

Let’s start with the basics — your lack of knowledge regarding financial aid eligibility formulas and countless other information you need to understand to receive the maximum amount of grants, scholarships and financial aid in college can cause a major wealth transfer away from your family.

We invite you to find out how to stop the wealth transfer caused by overpaying for college.

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  • How to lower your out-of-pocket costs to maximize grants from each university, and how colleges assess your retirement, investment, savings, home and rental assets.
  • Why applying yourself may be costing you the majority of available college financial aid.
  • Why the vast majority of families disqualify themselves and miss out on financial aid.
  • How the advice from your CPA, financial professional or guidance counselor may actually cost you a fortune in lost aid each year in college.
  • Your actions in your student’s high school sophomore and junior years not only affects his/her college acceptances, but also what you end up paying for college; waiting until your child’s senior year in high school may be too late.
  • At least 80% of financial forms submitted by parents/students have financial and technical mistakes that cost the family acceptances in colleges and lost financial aid.
  • How a properly balanced college list can greatly improve acceptances & financial aid.
  • Why state colleges don’t always cost less than prestigious private colleges.