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If you are struggling…
it’s time to become Wealth Strong®

If you are struggling…
it’s time to become Wealth Strong®

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gain financial control

Are you struggling with issues in your financial life? Worried about running out of money? Frustrated because you’re not making progress? Stop the struggle.

No matter what the issue, the time has come to leave that frustration behind and move forward with an easy process to gain clarity. End the confusion.

Achieve Personal Financial Power – transform your relationship with money from fear to financial confidence. Is it worth taking time NOW to gain financial control? ABSOLUTELY.

Quick start the process to take action and easily gain financial power without stress or fear. Learn how money works so it can serve you.

Gain Personal Financial Power (PFP)

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Giving your Child a better future doesn’t have to destroy yours

secure your child’s future in the most tax-advantaged way without destroying your retirement

Pay for college in the most tax-advantaged way without destroying your retirement

  • I want to shout about this program the mountains tops!

    Linda Zimring Past President (WASAC)College Councelor (Daniel Pearl Magnet High School, CA)
  • I set up a demo and was blown away. It is basically the grail of what I've been needing to offer my parents regarding the whole Financial Aid piece

    Sarah Martin Guidance Counselor (Red Lion Christian Academy, DE)
  • This is very exciting - a genius program

    Lorraine S. Brooks Principal (Revir Dell Regional High School, NJ)
  • This is total No Brainer!

    Anne Cochran Founding Director (iLead North Hollywood High School, CA)
  • Very cool - a great resource

    Andy Tucker Director of Student Services (Boulder Valley School District, CO)
  • I was very impressed with this resource and think it will be a great tool for out families

    Kristen McDonnell Head of Guidance (Norwood HS, MA)
  • This service is great for parents during this overwhelming process

    Annette T. Parent in PA
  • Appreciate asking question to a real person who had answer and ideas I would not have thought of on my own

    Tracy M. Parent in PA
  • Out consultant was extremely resourceful, intuitive and considerate. Willing to go the extra mile to personalize my experience. Very attentive and engaging.

    Susan B. Parent in CA
  • An incredible resource

    Laine P. Parent in CA
  • The advisor took time to explain things wasn't trying to rush through the process. She really knew what she was talking about!

    Darryl Parent in TX
  • I think families should be encourage to start using Smart Track as soon as their children is in 9th grade, if not sooner.

    Alexa K. Parent in CA


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"Very cool - a great resource"

Andy Tucker
Director of Student Services(Boulder Valley School District, CO)

Experts are behind every choice we make.

Roughly three -quarters of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck, with little to no emergency savings. It doesn’t have to be that way. 59% of Americans say running out of money is their number one fear. We are out to change that. We’ve been told that this information is life-changing and that working with our Wealth Strong® Life Solutions team brings a sense of calm never before experienced.

Although others have spent thousands of dollars to work with the developers of this program, we’ve decided that this life-changing information must reach a much broader audience. Please read more and take the time to meet with us.

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