Four Financial Camps

When you meet with us, we speak about our unique approach and the four Financial Professional camps. Each of these professionals works in their “camp” because they believe that what it offers provides the best for their clients. We have no quarrel with any of the camps, it’s just that a less-than-holistic view of each of these areas may not provide all that you need to grow your Money and Finance Circle of Wealth as efficiently as possible.

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Our team at Finer Center is composed of experts with experience in all four financial camps. Each has decades of experience in the financial industry. We, however, are not prideful about our knowledge. If you rely on a financial professional and wish to check with them before making any decisions, we want you to know we are serious about showing them what they may not know in the financial area.

Having another financial professional in the room pleases us. We are trained mentors for people in the financial industry and are pleased to help other professionals expand their knowledge.  If they have something we need to learn, we will jump at the chance to learn something new from them. No one knows everything!