Expand Your Mind

In the mid-1800’s Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “The mind, once stretched … never returns to its original dimensions.”  Just a few generations later, our minds feel like they are overstretched every day. Technology has exponentially increased the rate of new information coming at us.

Expand Your Mind. Be a Model For Others.

Although the rate of new information has increased, we also now can make leaps in what we know by using information to our advantage. We can now grow our Personal Financial Power like no previous generation has ever known.

You are taking advantage of this historically unprecedented opportunity. Use this opportunity now to find peace in your own financial world.

shutterstock_449928256 expand your mind and be a model for others


Evonne Ryan tells us how a client, we’ll call him Frank, came in just to thank her. After decades of working with other financial people, Frank’s team in the PFP program helped him feel financially secure for the first time in his life. Evonne said, “You know, it’s so much easier to help people now than when I started 26 years ago.”

But Frank said more. “You spent time helping my family learn things that you just don’t hear from the financial industry. It cleared up misconceptions some of us had believed to be true all our lives.”

Point well taken. Just because more information is available to everyone doesn’t mean every financial professional will spend the time or energy sharing what he or she knows. Also, few professionals are willing to backtrack and patiently explain concepts until they are understood. It takes the heart of a teacher and coach to do this without judgement. It takes experience and commitment to provide financial proof or to be willing to explain how the economy and financial systems work. It is imperative to work with professionals who are willing in spend time expanding your circle of knowledge, instead of saying “just trust me”.

shiftMake new strides and gain confidence in your relationship with money.  It’s a small leap to get started in the PFP program.  This isn’t rocket science, but it can be life changing.