Ready to become a Referral Partner?

5 reasons it makes good sense

shutterstock_232314277 woman financiallly fitYou may be witnessing the struggle — people sticking their heads in the sand because when they think about their financial future a wave of fear comes over them.  You wish there was something you could do to help.

Now you can…and you can benefit as well.   As we organically grow the Wealth Strong® Life Solutions PFP program membership base, you become an important component in the success of this empowerment movement.

Help others and grow your Personal Financial Power and pocketbook as well!

Why Become A Referral Partner?

1Earn Awesome Compensation
The PFP program has four parts. With it people you know start becoming empowered in their financial life in two ways, they learn how money works and they are able to avoid wealth transfers associated with high fees on money management while having their most valued account monitored and even traded using our award winning management system.
By helping individual an individual or their family become a subscriber you have the ability to earn up to $9.97 a a month as long as the subscriber continues his or her family membership. And they will want to continue their subscription because they are receiving incredible value they can’t find anywhere else.
*Referral Partner compensation may vary for international referees (non-US) or based on level of referral partner level.

2The New Rules Change Everything – And We’re Ready!
Most of you know about all the new FTC regulations. These new rules spell out that if you don’t comply, you could get yourself in serious hot water. This is both for promotions you are running and for referral partner promotions you are supporting.

We will be 100% FTC compliant on all promotions. All of our referral partner example emails will include a generic referral partner disclosure. You are free to use your own, but you must comply with FTC regulations and have at least a disclosure on your emails and marketing.
To maintain compliance, we will be reviewing our affiliate’s activities to ensure they are complying with FTC regulations in regards to this promotion. We will provide warnings for initial violations and ultimately will terminate the affiliate account if these warnings are not addressed.
Additionally, we are going to make sure that if a client asks to either cancel we will be providing cancellation without issue or hassle. We have made a FIRM COMMITMENT to ensure there are NO CUSTOMER ISSUES on any subscription. We want to make sure everything is on the up and up…and no customer feels any ill will towards their experience with our products or programs (Even if they decide it’s not right for them).
We want to give you every opportunity to make great long term residual income by partnering with us, while at the same time complying with these new rules…and are expecting our referral partners to do the same.

3We Make It VERY Easy
We provide you proven and test emails and social media posts to send out that already have your information (name and referral partner links) already embedded.
All you have to do is copy, paste and send (you are always welcome to change our example emails as long as you maintain FTC Compliance), but we will provide copy that we are confident your list will respond to.

Rock Solid Tracking
We are using a precise referral partner tracking system, to track and handle every aspect of the launch. Our backend is rock solid so that all you have to worry about is clicking “Send” on the email swipes we provide and enjoy watching your monthly compensation rise.
Now, while we pride ourselves in our advanced tracking technology, it won’t be 100% effective if you don’t use your tracking link. It’s extremely important to use this tracking link as it pertains to you and the compensation you will receive. Once you sign up as a referral partner, you will have a full portal with great content you can use to find out how to generate your personal referral partner links.

We want to provide you with the opportunity to receive a regular compensation check that grows each month. Our team is dedicated and working around the clock to provide you with thorough and timely support. You can reach us at for any and all questions. Your success is our success!
5The Payouts
Each month an referral partner report will be generated and any subscriptions, using your links, will result in compensation for you! simple……..Please be aware that only subscriptions made using your referral partner coded links will be awarded compensation.

So click below to sign up for the PFP Referral Partner program and we’ll keep you informed about special programs and special offers. Plus you can login to the referral partner area and take advantage of marketing materials that are ready for you now!