Collaboration to Demonstrate One Wealth Transfer Reduction Strategy

PFP Founder Evonne Ryan convinces Wealth Net Advisors to provide PFP Members an amazing trial program to learn Wealth Transfer Reduction strategies.

As you have read, the basic premise of the PFP program is the use of a step by step process that helps people immediately gain control.  With it the PFP program helps show people how finding peace with money can be broken down into simple moves. Americans can take advantage of the convergence of technology and a simplified set of PFP moves by signing up to start the Personal Financial Power program through

For a monthly subscription fee of only $19.95, you start an easy process – then hit financial milestones by completing tasks which build your Personal Financial Power step by step. Power Moves 1 and 2 are simple and should take you between 20 and 40 minutes.

In Power Move 3 you will receive information which helps you learn about Wealth Transfers – This is money which unnecessarily or unknowingly flows away from you.  You learn how your hard-earned money is meant for it to serve you. You also start to see how instead, it may be flowing into the pockets of others. We recommend that you take advantage of Power Move 3. Power Move 3 provides you with information on wealth transfers caused by making emotional decisions with your investments and/or if you are paying someone to manage your funds, you learn what it may be costing you.

In addition you learn options that are available to you and how you can save yourself from participating in transferring dollars away from your use.

In Power Move 3 you have a choice to take advantage of an exclusive arrangement Wealth Strong® Life Solutions has with Wealth Net Advisors.  You are able to work with Wealth Net Advisors directly in a one month trial subscription without charge for one account.  Then, because of Evonne Ryan’s business history and renewed collaboration with Mike Hartmann, PFP subscribers are given the opportunity to use Wealth Net Advisors investment advisory services  for that same account for only $10.00 a month.

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How can I take advantage of the collaboration between the two companies?

As you learn information on Wealth Transfers in Power Move 3 you will see the wisdom of working with professionals who can help you avoid living on an emotional roller coaster regarding your investments. In the past, this meant working with a local financial professional who charged you fees or commissions to do the job.  There is no shame or blame here, we help you expand your knowledge of alternatives and see if you wish to take advantage of a trial complimentary one month subscription to Wealth Net Advisors and use their award winning management.  What would be the cost if you decided to continue using the service from Wealth Net Advisors?  Mike and Evonne worked out a special pricing to PFP members of only $10.00 a month.

In 1997 when Mike and Evonne ran the award winning firm FTS Capital Management, the fee for the company’s advisor services was 3% of assets under management. The program used was one of the first in the country using Artificial Intelligence to manage the award winning program. You are invited to see how things have changed and learn how technology has now made it possible for these two companies to collaborate to help you in ways it was not possible before.

The only way to see if any of this makes sense for  you is to take the first step and start your PFP program membership.    We invite you to sign up by clicking on the SIGN UP button at the top of this page.

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