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Wealth Strong Life Solutions founder tells why the PFP program is so important.

Evonne statement

Let’s face it. Once in a while we ask why we are doing what we are doing. Since 1990 as I have worked with thousands of incredible people and witnessed their guilt, fear, confusion and worry about money. I found myself continuing to ask two questions…

1. “WHAT does it all mean – to have wealth?”
evonne quote2. “We are in a computer age –WHY isn’t it easier for people to figure all this out?

When I first moved into the new career of being a stockbroker my attitude and feeling about what defined wealth was probably pretty typical. I took all the classes and learned about products, services and how the markets worked. I remember my first big case and calling the help desk at my broker-dealer and saying, “OK, now what computer program do I use to figure out exactly what is right for this person.” The reaction was, “What are you talking about -there are little programs here and there but there is no such thing”. I was severally disappointed. I spent years trying to find how to combine the best analysis with programs to solve financial problems — I worked hard to give good advise and do well for my clients.

As people look at my background they see what some people might call wonderful success. But, success is all relative. I entered the financial field after having success as a teacher, consumer advocate, an Emmy award winning television producer. I moved to one final career because I knew it was where I could help the most.

It hasn’t been an easy journey. The first year I worked as a stockbroker I realized I was starting all over again. Being a stockbroker was supposedly impressive but I soon realized it was a small area of finance. It was also a industry full of people who were very prideful and boastful of how brilliant they were (I later found that was far from true).  I struggled and worked (maybe way too hard) to prove myself worthy of the position of trust I had with my clients. My stomach turned with every downturn in their financial life and I rejoiced with them in each of their successes.

I struggled with my identity, with trying to be sure I did the right thing for people and I struggled in trying to bring any balance possible into my personal life. (I am very thankful for a wonderful husband and 2 incredible children who put up with me over those years). I learned what only years of experience and seeking in the financial field could teach. I was fortunate to meet and partner with Mike Hartmann, a brilliant CPA and financial analyst who continually brought high level financial information and technology to our practice. And as I grew more proficient and expert I realized one more thing, I realized I didn’t really like the financial industry – I tolerated it. What kept me coming back was serving people who needed someone like me in their life.

Through all of it I realized I was just like everyone else – struggling with so many things in life because I just wanted to be normal and make sure I didn’t do anything wrong. It is a heck of a way to live life.

Then something happened. I experienced a big Ah-Ha that made me realize I was here to do much more than sell people solutions to solve their financial woes. I realized the purpose of my life was actually to work side-by-side with people to help them change their relationship with money and find comfort and confidence that they weren’t wrong or bad or a disappointment if their financial situation wasn’t what they wanted. I also knew it was incredibly important to show people how to make money work for them and achieve a place where their planning provide the cash flow longevity they needed so they didn’t have to live in fear they would end up “under a bridge”.

I realized what most people believe money represents is wrong and that money’s purpose is misunderstood. I started to see that when the use and purpose of money becomes clear in life, people relax and are able to examine and use money in a way that serves them. I started to see people become empowered because they finally understood that all the media, talk and pressure which held money to be a holy entity didn’t need to influence them. I learned lessons with them.

Wealth Strong® Life Solutions PFP – uniquely for you

You no longer need to identify happiness by a benchmark developed by someone else. We help you see the Personal Financial Power you already have and encourage you to create your own benchmark – one which revolves around experiencing joy and appreciation for the true wealth in your life. You can see money for what it is and focus on becoming more and more efficient in making money work to serve your real wealth in ways you never expected.

Being Wealth Strong® means you observe your life from a place of gratitude and appreciate what money typically can’t buy — your true wealth (as defined by Eleven Areas of Wealth and Human Strength – one of our training modules). We invite you to see money as a utility; something that is to serve you and your true wealth. We invite you to learn how to use financial strategies to make the utility of money work efficiently so your wealth continues to grow. We invite you to observe that wealth is not defined by a dollar figure. We invite you to evaluated how you are spending time and know if you spend your life chasing money, you might end up like many extremely resource rich people who at their end of their life say, “I wish I had ……..”  We invite you to go beyond the pursuit of money and see the joy of being a person who creates wealth.

Move away from the fear and struggle money tends to create in life. It no longer is necessary to be that way. We are all fortunate to live in a time and place where we no longer need to struggle – we now have the technology and support to do what is smart with our money and confidently know that we have it under control.

It is our time. Our coaches, educators, strategists, consultants and award winning financial professionals are dedicated to helping you become more than financially fit. We are all here to help you say “I am Wealth Strong”.