TheWealth Strong® Life Solutions – Certified Financial Coach™ connection

Why the award winning Certified Financial Coach™  program is so important to the process.


William-Shatner-Evonne-Ryan2In 2008, William Shatner interviewed Wealth Strong® founder Evonne Ryan and congratulated her on the “Keeping America Strong” award — an award given to companies helping to move the country and economy forward.

Heartbeat of America setEvonne and MCC and Certified Financial Coach™ Richard McCollum went to Los Angeles to accept the award on behalf of Wealth Strong®. The award was to recognize the efforts of Wealth Strong® in promoting the training and work of the Certified Financial Coach™.  Since 2006, helping people control their financial resources so their resources don’t control them has been the role of these professionals.

Helping people develop an empowered relationship with money takes a skill not taught in financial coursework or securities or insurance licensing programs taken by financial professionals.  It is a reason Wealth Strong® has been a leader in the movement to train Certified Financial Coach™ professionals.

In her work in the financial field, Evonne understood that helping people make appropriate financial decisions was not just about the numbers.  There is an emotional component to every financial decision.  With that, in 1991, Evonne started on a journey to become a Certified Coach.   She realized the need for a special group of professionals and went to the International Coach Federation (the international certifying body providing standards for coaching) to find Masters in the area of professional coaching to work with her clients.  After years of special curriculum development and work to insure the highest quality coach training, a program of certification for Certified Financial Coach™ professionals was approved as a program through ICF.

Over the years a talented group of individuals have been trained by masters in the coaching industry.  Certified Financial Coach™ professionals were trained with the help of Dr. Joan King, (Dr. King was a Master Certified Coach with a Ph.D. in Neuroanatomy and Psychology with over twenty-five years as an educator, administrator at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston). Certified Financial Coach™ professionals have made a major difference in the lives of thousands of individuals but it is not enough…

Wealth Strong® Life Solutions PFP program – the next step 

In 2015 Evonne founded Wealth Strong® Life Solutions to bring together the talents of educators, coaches, strategies and award winning financial professionals to develop the PFP – Personal Financial Power program. The goal of the program is to build on the wealth people already have and facilitate the use of tools and services which help individuals to build additional wealth in their lives.

Being WEALTH STRONG® means you observe your life from a place of gratitude and appreciate what money typically can’t buy — your true wealth (as defined by Eleven Areas of Wealth and Human Strength – one of our training modules). You understand that this wealth is not defined by a dollar figure. You understand if you spend your life chasing money, you might end up like many extremely resource rich people who at their end of their life say, “I wish I had ……..” You go beyond the pursuit of money to being a person who creates wealth.

It needs to be a balance and having the security of having your finances provide you with cash flow longevity is extremely important.

We invite you to sign up now. The PFP program helps you become MORE THAN FINANCIALLY FIT – WEALTH STRONG®.