Stop The Frustration

Many people don’t know where to start – that’s frustrating. We know how to help. It starts with building a solid foundation using Personal Financial Power cornerstones and using power move we teach you. Get beyond the frustration and achieve what you have not through the use of what we call a transformational financial process.

my financial transformational process


By building on the PFP cornerstones, you build a stable foundation to make financial tasks much simpler than in the past.

If you struggled in the past, you are not alone. Bring yourself success.

Struggling is not unlike millions of other Americans.

In your defense, technology has changed and made new tools available. What was the state of technology then? Were the internet and communication tools commonly available? Did the people assisting you acknowledge what you’ve already accomplished? Were they committed to empowering you further? Were they specially trained?

We help you gain Personal Financial Power by providing tools and education that give you unique advantages.  We work to systematically help you understand where you stand and get the financial monkey off your back.  We spend time to educate you, opening up time and offering the support you need to succeed. Our professionals help you understand wealth while using a transformational process that grew out of the Certified Financial Coach® training program. Graduates of that program are specially trained to help people transform their relationship with money.

It’s exciting to experience the AH-HA moments with people we work with as they create their new sense of personal prosperity and well-being.

We help with 4 PFP Power Moves 

PFP 1 2 3 4
PFP MOVES Know where you stand Financial organization with ease Smart and expertly-executed financial moves Systematically gain Personal Financial Power