Ending the Frustration by taking one very small step

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Have you had frustrating thoughts like these about your financial situation?

You are not alone.

Some people feel it is a personal war — as soon as they start thinking about money, they feel totally frustrated. It is hard to even start.

Here are some common themes we hear from people who tell us they are “stuck”.

What is wrong with me. I don’t know my limits and when it comes to financial stuff, I have no idea what is right for me. I keep judging myself by how everyone else is doing. It feels overwhelming. I don’t want to even look at it.  I asked to have my retirement reports send to me by email so I don’t have to look at them. When I have tried to look at things, I am totally frustrated –It steals my time – trying to figure out what my financial situation is. I barely have time to keep up with paying the bills each month. I don’t know anyone who has it all together.  we all just complain. I know I need to do something different. It is just too difficult. Someone just told me to buy and hold and throw money into that retirement account at work. I don’t know if that is a good idea, I could use that money to LIVE. When I see I am losing money, I think I am just throwing money down the drain.  I talked with someone who said they saved for years and their account just kept going up and down.  Maybe it is better under a mattress.  I have been warned that financial professionals don’t want to meet with me — I don’t have an account they can use to sell me something.  So I just keep doing whatever it is I am doing. It is too confusing to try to do anything else. I never was taught how money really works. I feel embarrassed when people start talking about money — At my age, where would I start? It feels like it is too late. Is it??

No matter you are struggling and feel hopeless.  You feel competent in so many areas in life, and people in the financial industry haven’t make it easy for you to even feel “somewhat normal” enough to get in on a financial conversation.  It is scary and it is very personal.

As PFP members take advantage of complimentary webinars with Certified Financial Coach professionals, they see the importance of recognizing and taking advantage of small successes. They also learn how to address frustration using a transformational coaching process. Would things feel a little different if you had direction, a series of small successes and knew the next step — working with an easy system along the way?  

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These are statements we hear most often as we talk with people  seeking to develop a more powerful relationship with money.  

I don’t have a sense of what I can do financially. I am frustrated. I keep judging myself by how others are doing financially. I don’t know how to get over how I feel about money.   I spend too much time trying to keep track of investments and figure out what my financial situation is. I barely have time to pay my bills each month. Then having to keep an eye on everything else is totally frustrating.  Who has time to keep on top of it all. I know I need to do something; especially with the biggest account I have money stuffed away in. I don’t want to be whipsawed every-time the markets go down. It is so much work. How would I even start doing it myself. It is too complicated. I never was taught how money really works. I feel embarrassed when people start talking about money. Sure I know some things but I am concerned about what I don’t know. — At my age, where would I start and who would understand. I don’t want to look like I am not smart about this stuff. I think I do as well as some other people I know but I feel really uneasy. It feels like it is too late to even ask for help.
shutterstock_277758797 goalGOAL – What is it that you want to ultimately accomplish? This is what we help people with. To know myself and confidently choose from strength. Stop wasting time looking everywhere for financial information. Feel in control. Make sure at least my most important account has some management so I can feel safer and more confident. I want to systematically Gain Enhanced Personal Financial Power. I want to know what will help me and my family have cash flow longevity and security but I don’t want to be overwhelmed!

milestones2MILESTONES – The PFP program helps you start with small steps – one milestone at a

 Take an unbiased risk tolerance survey.  Enter my investment data in one secure place. Determine an account you may wish to have managed by a professional management group.  Finalize the PFP survey to map out steps on your journey.
shutterstock_241365664 PowermovePower Moves give you confidence to keep moving forward I know exactly where I stand – at least in one area.  It is a start — I have accomplished something others don’t even know is important Simplify and organize my finances.  Whoa, that can be a big project but the first success is just entering one piece of information.  It starts the process and that is what counts.  Good job. I know how to use smart, expert execution.  Yes, you have the opportunity to do something that allows you to have professional management and stop worrying about that account you currently hide from.  Now you can look at those statements and evaluate what is happening from a powerful position. I systematically grow my personal financial power.  How you do this is taking a series of small steps in a way that you see your numbers rise as you accomplish tasks.   It is truly a good thing to be able to feel accomplished in doing what millions of Americans are too afraid to even try.
The tools the PFP program included in your subscription are designed to provide you with unique advantages which give you time and support you need to succeed. The professionals involved have a history of helping people understand money and wealth using a transformation process that grew out of training programs developed for Certified Financial Coach™ professionals. These professionals are specially trained in to help people transform their relationship with money.

Won’t it be great to systematically achieve and experience this type of transformation?

ahha  My Transformation I’m Confident I have pride in being organized and on top of it all I know how to make a decision to have at least one of my accounts being taken care of and know I have choices. I know where to go for great info and am gaining unique knowledge. I am learning information the masses typically do not have access to

Your transformation includes understanding money for what it is and opens the door for you to experience expanded knowledge from a new perspective. The Personal Financial Power program provides tools and exercises to give you a new expanded vision.