It’s Personal
… money is meant to
serve your real wealth


Welcome to the sample “PERSONAL” Members only private web pages.

Hello. You have reached a sample of the PFP member private webpage site. We want you to sample what you will have access to upon completing the QUICK START PROGRAM.

Once you have completed the QUICK START PROGRAM you have access to the PFP Private Membership webpages with amazing content and offers.  If you ever lose these pages, just log into the membership portal by clicking on LOG IN above. You will be redirected to these private pages by clicking on the top links on your personal PFP MEMBERSHIP DASHBOARD. Please know, once you have accessed these private membership pages, you can easily move from one area to another by clicking on links within the pages to return to PERSONAL, FINANCIAL AND POWER and scrolling down to reach the link to your desired page.

Here are your PERSONAL links which will be available (Sorry, they are not connected until you have completed QUICK START – we don’t want to overwhelm you)  

  • Change your future.  Learn more about your financial Timeline – no matter what your current age is your experience typical – you now have an historic opportunity never afforded to other generations.
  • PFPStop the frustration. Build on the four Personal Financial Power cornerstones through the PFP process – time to make it simple and attainable   — THE FOUR CORNERSTONES
  • Know what counts.    Determine the definition of wealth that is real for you – you know already what real wealth is – now let’s take a stand on money’s role serving what is important in your life
  • Stop the pressure — You know you need to do something and we know why you haven’t.  Financial products to fill your needs are a commodity — meaning now you can shop for what you need with when you want — no sales pressure
  • Expand Your Mind  – Is there a possibility your current circle of financial knowledge isn’t serving you? Guess what, no need to be stuck in a place of unknowing any longer.
  • Your expert guides  – You will learn much more about what brought them to the decision to stop the madness.

As a member, you already have accomplished much.  Achieving success with the QUICK START process is a great accomplishment.  Now we continue the process by building on each cornerstone to help you stand in financial reality, get clear about what you have, take healthy financial actions and expand your understanding of how money works.




To help you learn how to continually transform your relationship with money from whatever it is now to something much more powerful.  We will be offering you various programs and opportunities along the way to do this. 

You have joined with other intelligent caring people who are tired of working hard, doing what the pundits say and tired they are not getting ahead.   They are tired with the talking heads saying – you need this amount; you should have done this or that; you need this number.

It doesn’t start with a number, it starts with understanding money and making it work for you instead of serving others using a simple 4 step process. In this section we explore the personal side. It’s not all about the money.  It’s about you and how money serves what is important in your life.

Let’s have some fun together!