Maybe it is time to change the way the financial industry does business – it will happen when unbiased experienced professionals act as your advocate while helping financial professionals see the best ways to work together.

4 camps our unique approach - we train them to do that

Our Goal is to help you and uplift the financial industry to work as we do.

It’s time to take control and that means you made decisions from understanding the interrelationship between the four camps of financial services.

With your Wealth Strong Life Solutions PFP membership you use technology to give you answers which would take financial professionals hours to prepare and explain to you.  Most people in the financial industry have one foot planted in one of what we call the four camps and the other foot stuck in what we call the product pool.  That means they need to continue selling products or getting more and more people to buy each and every year.  Many get impatient if you spend too much of their time before making decisions.

We have seen it, we have experienced it when we have had people who consider themselves salespeople on staff.  For that reason, no one who is on the Wealth Strong Life Solutions team considers them self a salesperson.  They know their main focus is education and being your advocate.

Through the PFP program you have access to the services of financial coaches, educators, analysts and strategists at your fingertips.

We have extensive experience in all areas HOWEVER we have no sales people — we work side by side with you as your advocate and use the best-of-the best consultants when you are ready.

In addition, as you learn through our Adult and Family Learning Financial Literacy area, you hopefully will find there are strategies or programs that may work for you.  Here is what is important to know. If you feel you want to implement strategies or financial systems, we work hard to vet for you the best of the best as consultants.  These are people who work on commission but they know they are obligated with PFP members to work only serving their needs – not selling products.


01 - CopyThe intention for is:

To serve as a CENTRAL hub where people can meet coaches and educators who provide unbiased and solid information about money and how it relates as a utility to wealth in life.

This CENTER is intent on helping dedicated coaching and financial literacy experts work together in a collaborative manner.

This is accomplished by providing a communication and research hub with workshops, educational links and information that goes beyond typical basic financial literacy training.

It is important for people to know HOW MONEY WORKS without any of the often-used persuasion, manipulation or hype tactics for selling products.