PFP Rapid Start Program

The PFP Rapid Start Program has a few simple steps. Then the sky is the limit!

We start with what people want: fast, easy and get this job done!

arms show wealthstrongPeople think it takes enormous effort to take control of their financial life, but we can dispel that belief with 6 easy steps, including 4 Power overwhelm

By systematically completing these simple steps and power moves, you’ll start developing a peaceful relationship with money.

1Step 1. Power Move 1 takes about 20 minutes and uses a scientifically proven method to help you clarify your relationship to risk. This required “Know yourself first” tool is the foundation for the rest of the steps. 


When your risk score is ready, you can add these lists to your online PFP Dashboard.

2Step 2.  Power Move 2 opens access to another online tool so you can add information about one of your investment accounts. Adding this account not only gives you the ability to track the account easily, but it also gives you the choice to continue with the two remaining steps.


3Step 3. Power Move 3 provides a good example of a Wealth Transfer and how you can fix it. Wealth Transfers occur when money unnecessarily and unknowingly flows away from you. You meant for it to serve you, but it may actually be flowing into someone else’s pockets. Power Move 1 and 2 provided information about your situation, but here you can actually take action, if you choose.

After taking action, you have freedom to take Power Move 4. With that, you start creating your own private, personalized wealth empowerment plan.  With it, you will work with one of our analysts to provide you with a Cash Flow Longevity analysis.


4Step 4. Power Move 4 provides a specific, recommended action track based on certain identifiers in your financial life. It helps you end confusion about your finances and provides real answers in your most important areas. Completing this Power Move opens more options in the PFP Membership Center.


Step 5. In Step 4 you are provided an option of meeting with one of our analysts to help you see how well your current actions are meeting your needs for Cash Flow Longevity. While you’re waiting to have that meeting, take a blank sheet of paper and identify your top 3 financial frustrations.

Step 6. On the back of that sheet of paper, list the top 3 things you identify as your true wealth.  This will be helpful in your meeting


After PFP Rapid Start, Then What?

After completing all 6 steps, you can learn and build on that information in the Financial Literacy Center through on-line classes, group coaching sessions or in one-on-one informational sessions with a Wealth Strong Life Solutions PFP Team Member or coach.

If we haven’t heard from you lately and it seems like you’re stuck, we may give you a gentle nudge. We may offer some fun, motivational exercises, or a program run by Certified Financial Coach™ professionals to move beyond the block. Rest assured, though, it’s always your choice to participate.

Start this easy process for a monthly subscription fee of only $19.99. You’ll receive simple tasks to complete at financial milestones that build your Personal Financial Power step by step. Your $19.99 subscription provides you with the first PFP power move right away, then guides you through the rest of the steps in becoming financially empowered.

Later on, you can sign up for strategy-driven webinars or take advantage of sessions from people like debt consultants, tax specialists or other experts as part of your membership fee.

The educators, speakers, coaches, counselors and financial strategists at Wealth Strong® Life Solutions are professionals who came together to work in a non-judging way to help you address financial areas that people typically find challenging.  These professionals have a collaborative spirit — respecting each other’s area of expertise and dedicated to helping you find options. Our mission is to be involved in an organization where mutual respect and cooperation reigns supreme. Our PFP team is dedicated to helping you gain Personal Financial Power with knowledge and unbiased support.

Advantages of Membership

Technology has changed the old paradigms for how we get financial information or have others manage our finances. It’s now possible to expand your knowledge about financial concepts and strategies through a private, online membership site from the comfort of your own home. A new financial era in American has begun. It’s part of our wealth that we can share with you and it couldn’t have happened even 5 years ago.

Wealth Strong® Life Solutions brought together a group of professionals — educators, coaches and advisors, to work together. Instead of working against the rest of the financial industry, we believe the time has come to empower others and pay it forward. We’re dedicated to teaching and coaching you to use unique information, strategies and concepts that we’ve learned in our own education. Few people have the opportunity to learn these.

The information and strategies you’ll learn are not common knowledge, are not publicized in the press or offered by traditional financial services firms. However, you’ll have access to the same information used by high net worth people. You choose how and when you’ll explore these strategies, without pressure or expectations to change or to buy something.

However, be wise when implementing information learned here by seeking professionals who have been screened to see whether they can fulfill the strategies professionally. Your Wealth Strong team can help you ask the right questions to gauge the expertise of any financial professional.

We invite you to join with us to enjoy the work we’ll do and our dedication to making a difference in the world.