Reducing 21 additional Wealth Transfers – Why having a good understanding of the 4 Financial Camps helps you stay IN CONTROL

PFP’s role in helping you avoid money or wealth transfers gives you the confidence to take control of your future.

Your PFP subscription provides you with exceptional learning and coaching experiences provided by coaches, counselors, strategists and financial experts.  Knowing about the four financial camps allows you to learn how to ask questions of financial professionals who may just be stuck in one of those camps.

Our mission is to empower you to avoid wealth transfers. Twenty-one of these Wealth Transfers are shown below.  Not many financial professionals have access to the tools, experience and understanding necessary to help you find how to insure money is efficiently serving your real wealth.

Major Wealth Transfers2

Take advantage of your PFP membership and learn what the financial industry typically does not show you – how to avoid major wealth transfers in your life.