The Power of Knowing the Financial Industry

How many times have you met with one professional who tells you the work you did with another professional will hurt you?  Here is the reason – best explained by the four camps of financial services.

The Four Camps of Financial Professionals





How powerful are you when you meet with people who are handling your finances?  Having Personal Financial Power means you take control when meeting with financial professionals. A key power component is being able to make financial decisions from a position of strength in your knowledge of the four camps of financial services.

On pins and needles prior to meeting with your investment professional?  Waiting for an analysis to find out how your investments have performed over the last months or year or years?

Imagine instead being able to get the same or better information through reports easily run using the tools you access through the PFP Membership Portal.

With your Wealth Strong® Life Solutions PFP membership, you use technology to give you answers which would take financial professionals hours to prepare and explain to you.

But there is more.  There is a little know fact about financial professionals, the majority of them have one foot planted in one of what we call the four camps and the other foot stuck in what we call a product pool.  The implications for you could be massive.

First, the professional you meet with probably has a specialty or bias.  They typically view all other products, services or professionals as competition.

That means they need to continue selling products or getting more and more people to buy each and every year.  Many get impatient if you spend too much of their time before making decisions.

Over the years our founder, Evonne Ryan has worked with thousands of individuals, she realized something very important for all of us to know.

People in the financial industry come into the business through a channel.  She likens it to how when we were children, many of us went to a camp.  At this camp, we learned various things and we thought the way we did everything was the best.

Sometimes there were camp competitions and we all thought the guys across the lake or in the other camps were not our friends and of course, they were different and had weird ways of doing things.

This is not unlike the financial industry.  Where you start and how you are trained is an experience which creates and can continue to throughout their financial career.  That bias doesn’t necessarily serve the financial professional’s clients.

Through the PFP program, you have the opportunity to attend workshops which provide you information you need to know before you make decisions regarding which financial professional to use.  Learn inside information you need regarding licensing, how professionals are paid, and natural biases each of these camps reinforce.

It is always best to walk into any financial meeting with your eyes wide open.

We have extensive experience in all areas HOWEVER we have no sales people — we work side by side with you as your advocate and use the best-of-the best consultants when you are ready.

In addition, as you learn through our Adult and Family Learning Financial Literacy area, you hopefully will find there are strategies or programs that may work for you.  Here is what is important to know. If you feel you want to implement strategies or financial systems, we work hard to vet for you the best of the best as consultants.  These are people who work on commission but they know they are obligated with PFP members to work only serving their needs – not selling products.


01 - CopyYes we can and may recommend people for you to work with, but we do that through a program where the people in the various camps are forced to work together and are expected to learn and understand how to share ideas and strategies to benefit PFP members.

We have developed an organization called FINER CENTER to do just that.

FINER CENTER is the Financial Educator Resource Center.

To serve as a CENTRAL hub where people can meet coaches and educators who provide unbiased and solid information about money and how it relates as a utility to wealth in life.

This CENTER is intent on helping dedicated coaching and financial literacy experts work together in a collaborative manner.

This is accomplished by providing a communication and research hub with workshops, educational links and information that goes beyond typical basic financial literacy training.

It is important for people to know HOW MONEY WORKS without any of the often-used persuasion, manipulation or hype tactics for selling products.

As a PFP member you will never be told you must work with any financial professional who works with any firm or organization.  we Invite you to join our vision to uplift the financial industry by using our advocacy service.   Learn more about that by clicking here.